More Tea + Beer!

You may recall a couple weeks ago, I worked with a brewer to make a tea-infused beer, and the beer sold out in about an hour.

I am excited to announce that my latest tea + beer collaboration with my friends over at Bolero Snort has a much larger scale, available all over the great state of New Jersey wherever quality craft beer is sold!

A Proper Pour

This tea + beer is (hopefully!) part of a line of beers called “In a China Shop” which showcases different teas infused into different styles of beer.  The first installment in this project infuses our Crimson Punch herbal tea with Bolero Snort‘s IPA (India Pale Ale) base.  A bunch of wheat and a bit of flaked rice were added to keep it light and crisp, and the tea was infused both during the brew as well as cold-brewed afterwards.  It is a great balance of beer and tea flavor, neither overpowering the other but rather complementing each other quite nicely.  If you are a fan of our Crimson Punch, you’ll definitely appreciate it in there – it asserts itself on the onset, then fades into a malty flavor.  Similarly, if you are a fan of the new style of more fruity, less bitter IPAs, you’ll appreciate the fruity / tart complexity the tea imparts!

The story of the collaboration is almost as interesting as the beer itself.  About six months ago, I was buying a bottle of beer for my little brother, who was arriving the next week for a visit.  I had enjoyed Bolero Snort‘s beer in the past, so decided to pick one of their newest beers up for him.  By the time I got home, however, I noticed that the bottle had a little bit of a leak.  Capping issue, these things happen – no big deal.  I went on Facebook and private messaged them, just so they were aware of the issue.  They insisted upon replacing the bottle, even though I assured them that it was okay.  And, seeing that their office was less than a mile from our HQ, I told them I would come to them.  Not wanting to arrive empty handed, I decided to bring some tea with me as an even trade.

Looking Tea-licious!

Upon arrival, I handed them the tea and got a bit of a shocked expression.  “No way!” he said, “I’ve been knocking around the idea of using tea in a beer for the past couple weeks!”

“So have I!” I excitedly replied. The rest, as they say, is history.  Serendipi-tea, if you will.

And hopefully, it will have a rich and fruitful future!

For more details on where to find this beer and many more delicious beers from Bolero Snort, check out their blog here.


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