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Explore our handpicked and expertly curated bundles of premium tea blends and teaware and find your favourite. Save up to 25% and elevate your tea experience to new heights.
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Tea Journey Starter Bundle - Tavalon Tea Australia
Tea Journey Starter Sale price$92.97 Regular price$123.96
Master Brewing Set
Master Brewing Set Sale price$89.97 Regular price$119.96
Sommelier's Favourites Bundle - Tavalon Tea Australia
Sommelier's Favourites Sale price$98.95 Regular price$131.94
Ultimate Wellness Pack - Tavalon Tea Australia
Ultimate Wellness Pack Sale price$132.70 Regular price$176.94
Tavalon Merry Moments Set
Luxe Tea Set Sale price$127.49 Regular price$169.98
Tavalon's Bundle | Tavalon Tea Australia
Classic Combo Sale price$74.98 Regular price$99.97
Tavalon's Latte Products - Tavalon Tea Australia
Latte Love Sale price$89.96 Regular price$119.95
Black Tea Dream Bundle - Tavalon Tea Audtralia
Black Tea Dream Sale price$96.70 Regular price$128.94
Tavalon's Bundle Image | Tavalon Tea Australia
Symphony of Colours Sale price$94.41 Regular price$125.89
Fruits Tea Lover Bundle - Tavalon Tea Australia
Fruits Tea Lover Sale price$71.97 Regular price$95.96
Tavalon's Tranquilli-Tea Pack-Bundle of 5 Best-Selling Herbal Teas
Tranquilli-Tea Pack Sale price$93.71 Regular price$124.95