About us


Tavalon is an international premium lifestyle tea company. Headquartered in New York City since 2005, Tavalon operates global offices in Dubai, Cairo, Hong Kong, Phnom Pehn, Tokyo, Seoul, Shanghai and has launched its operations in Australia with offices in Sydney and Gold Coast. Tavalon offers the finest, most exclusive tea and tea-related products via E-Commerce, wholesale, and retail channels.

Tavalon specialises in premium-grade, gourmet loose-leaf teas, as well as tea based products, sourced from boutique tea farms by the in-house tea sommelier in the New York City headquarters

Tavalon currently partners with over 8,000 clients worldwide. These include exclusive hotels, Michelin-starred restaurants, gourmet cafes and eateries, and global brands, Google, Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan, Formula 1, The Plaza Hotel, Langham Place, Park Hyatt, International Emmy Awards, Tiffany & Co, Magnolia Bakery and MTV Awards, just to name a few.

Tavalon's mission is to create the best tea blends the world has ever known and deliver the luxurious experience of tea drinking to suit the Australian palate. For too long, tea has played a minimal role in Australia, overshadowed by the seemingly ubiquitous coffee bean empire, our goal is to drive tea back into the beverage spotlight by presenting a fresh, new and exclusive tea offering.

However, we cannot reach this goal by only supplying the best premium teas to the world, we also have to educate our consumers about what makes it the best. Since many people are unaware of the benefits of tea drinking, in order to be successful we must impart our expertise on the many different aspects of tea, from the health benefits of tea, to tea history, to the pure art of enjoyment that tea provides. It is through the cultivation of well-educated tea drinkers that we aim to create a new, stronger tea tradition worldwide.



With an established international base, Tavalon is positioned to become the leading high-end global tea company, providing premium teas and tea-related products to tea connoisseurs and novices alike.



All of Tavalon's loose-leaf teas and ingredients are hand selected, blended and catered to the local palates of choice by Tavalon’s Tea Sommelier and co-founder, Chris Cason. Only premium whole-leaves are used, never employing the use of  "dust" & "fanning" quality leaves, giving Tavalon its supreme taste and quality, unlike any tea experience you’ve had before.

We take extreme care to ensure that our teas remain attractive to tea connoisseurs as well as being approachable to tea novices. Our blends have gone through over 200 focus groups and only those scoring an 8 out of 10, or higher, are released to the market, ensuring quality and relevant taste always remains the top priority.



The Tavalon experience is one of a kind, a pure luxury escape from modern life, all beginning with a cup of carefully selected tealeaves that are brewed to perfection with you in mind.

With our premium teas and products constantly evolving, we are always creating room for exciting new experiences and growth. Part of achieving those experiences lies in our responsibility to impart knowledge on the many different aspects of tea drinking; from health benefits, to tea history, to the simple art of tea enjoyment. It is through the cultivation of well-educated tea drinkers that we aim to create a new, strong tea tradition that sits comfortably into everyday modern life.