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Our Story

Matthew Youn

At Tavalon, we reconcile tradition and modernity to perfect peace and harmony by offering premium century-old tea with modern, subtle yet complex flavours...

There are few pleasures in life as simple as a cup of tea. The warmth envelops you and acts as an escape, even just for a moment, from the stresses of daily life. The humble cup of tea is not only a catalyst to relaxation; its daily consumption also has a plethora of benefits for your health, not to mention the traditions of tea and the many ways it brings people together socially. The magic of tea is hard to describe merely with words. Unfortunately, many people in Australia are not aware of the benefits of tea drinking and the simple joy it provides. Upon this realisation, health-conscious and luxury-oriented businessman, Matthew Youn, decided that it's time to change this.

As an avid tea drinker, Matthew has always known and observed the benefits of drinking tea and was increasingly made aware of many people’s choices to drink coffee over tea, unaware of the benefits they were throwing away when making their beverage choice. This gap presented itself as a unique opportunity for him to bring the tea tradition back into the spotlight by offering the most premium and luxury tea blends known to the earth.

So, Matthew decided to become a change agent, to start educating people about tea by supplying Australians with the best quality tea available from all over the world; teas that would appeal to both tea connoisseurs and newcomers. At the same time, it was important for him to launch a sustainable and scalable business – one that would focus on affordable luxury tea experience. He sought for tea products that are sophisticated but accessibly priced so that a much wider community of tea experts and first-timers could embrace a unique tea experience to its fullest extent.

In his quest to find the world’s finest tea, there was no comparable tea company to Tavalon Tea, which is blended by an exclusive tea sommelier who travels worldwide to collect the finest ingredients from only sustainable boutique tea farms. 

Despite taking a risk and sacrificing a great deal for a new venture with Tavalon Australia, Matthew has no regrets knowing that he has the chance to educate others to begin a new tradition that will help them physically, mentally and emotionally. He believes that tea drinking is holistically beneficial to humans. So, he is motivated, passionate and excited to continue his adventure in the tea business and contribute to the timeless art of tea drinking.

His clear wealth of experiences and education have equipped him with the courage and confidence to take this challenge and make a positive difference to one person, one cup of tea at a time until it reaches the world.

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