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Article: Tavalon Tea x Serving Our People Charity

Tavalon Tea x Serving Our People Charity

Tavalon Tea x Serving Our People Charity

Great news for cafe-goers and philanthropists alike! Serving Our People, a Gold Coast-based not-for-profit organisation, has proudly launched Australia's first charity-owned coffee shop.

Located in Pacific Fair, Cafe Served is a unique venture, contributing 100% of its profits to fuel the noble endeavours of charity across Southeast Queensland. 

Notably, this one-of-a-kind, altruistic cafe serves Tavalon premium teas, as well as coffee, cold juices, smoothies, and delicious pastries. In collaboration with Serving Our People, we’d love to invite patrons to enjoy delightful beverages while supporting a charitable cause.

Every sip you take contributes to a noble cause – 100% of the profits go directly into charity.

Serving Our People (SOP) - Brewed in Charity

Serving Our People (SOP)

Gold Coast now proudly hosts Australia's pioneering charity-owned coffee shop, Cafe Served. Established by the not-for-profit Serving Our People, this initiative allocates 100% of its proceeds to fuel the charity's impactful work across Southeast Queensland. Since its initial launch back in December 22, 2022, Cafe Served by SOP has been operating as a unique coffee and juice window at the charity's headquarters in Mermaid Beach.

Funds generated through Cafe Served contribute to various SOP initiatives, including widespread donation boxes and future expansion plans. This groundbreaking concept is set to spread its wings, aiming to replicate its success across Southeast Queensland and beyond.

More Details about Serving Our People

Serving Our People emerged as a beacon of hope during the challenging days of the global pandemic. It was founded in March 2020 with a mission to serve and support those in need. What started as a response to immediate crisis has flourished into one of Australia's fastest-growing charities. 

Serving Our People has a dedicated team of over 2,100 members across Southeast Queensland & New South Wales. It delivers 19,000 meals and over 1000 bags of love (groceries) annually. The impact is felt by more than 55,000 recipients, thanks to complimentary pick-up and drop-off services of critical goods provided by passionate volunteers.

SOP’s commitment extends to serving all Australians, from infants to the elderly, families to disaster victims, carers to those living with disabilities. Serving Our People operates as a logistics, delivery, and emergency relief charity. Its aim is to be the primary point of contact for anyone in need. 

As they expand their focus, team, and innovative methods, Serving Our People strives to both meet immediate needs and effect real change in the lives of those they serve.

Cafe Served at Pacific Fair

Cafe Served is not your ordinary coffee stop; it's a community-driven hub making a real difference. Using responsibly sourced and premium ingredients, Cafe Served offers a delicious range of coffee and tea (iced/hot), smoothies, treats, and more.

Cafe Served operates seven days a week from 7 am. It is conveniently located at Shop No. 1597 Pacific Fair Shopping Centre (next to H&M). 

Beyond its delightful coffee, tea, and juice offerings, Cafe Served extends its arms to the community. Patrons can pay it forward by purchasing coffee for others. The exclusive Cafe Served branded bottled water, sourced from the pristine springs of Mount Tambourine, is also available for local businesses in the community to buy wholesale.

So, the next time you crave a cup of coffee or tea, a refreshing juice, a smoothie, or delectable pastries, make Cafe Served your destination. Step into a space where every sip and bite becomes an act of kindness. 

Embrace a unique experience that's not just about beverages but about brewing a better community – and at the same time “fostering a global consciousness for acts of service as a routine part of one’s life.”

Tavalon Tea’s Philosophy

Tavalon is more than just a tea brand; it’s our philosophy to support organisations like Serving Our People. Rooted in a philosophy of compassion and community, we believe in the power of giving back. And when there is an opportunity to support and sponsor charity events and organisations, we step forward. And without hesitation!

Your choice of Tavalon Tea isn't just a delightful experience. It's a small act of kindness, echoing far beyond the teacup. Join us in this impactful journey of spreading warmth and support.

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