ASSAM Tea Press with bamboo handle (1 litre)

$79.95 $99.95

Discover the art of the perfect brew with the ASSAM gooseneck teapot. This innovative gooseneck teapot is based on our French press brewing system to ensure an exceptionally pure and refreshing taste.

A stylish addition to any tea lover’s home, the ASSAM gooseneck teapot is as practical as it is beautiful. Crafted from heat-resistant borosilicate glass, its clarity means you can observe your tea as it’s gently infusing until it reaches your preferred strength. Then simply press down the plunger to stop the brewing process. The bamboo handle and elegant gooseneck spout add a modern twist to this classic design.

Perfect for use with loose-leaf tea or teabags, this gooseneck teapot with stainless steel strainer takes precision brewing to a whole new level, transforming the calming art of tea making into a truly visual experience.

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