KOI x TAVALON: The brand behind your favourite teas at KOI

We are pleased to partner with KOI Dessert Bar this spring season to complete the KOI Spring High Tea experience to you at home.

If you've ever wondered about the delicious teas KOI offers in-store, Tavalon is the masterful brand behind your favourite teas.

Tavalon features a rich flavour and distinct clean body, making teas an absolute pleasure to sip, unlike any other tea experience you've ever had! 

The most anticipated High Tea of the year is here.

9 individually hand-crafted creations. 3 complementary specialty teas.

Indulge in the year's most popular edition of the KOI High Tea, now with 3 divine tea flavours by Tavalon Tea - NYC Breakfast, Peachy Oolong, Crimson Punch.

Would you like to experience an extra moment of bliss? Then visit KOI's website and place an order.

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