Health Benefits: Great White Tea

Great White Tea


White Tea



Health Benefits:

1. Keeps skin healthy

The White tea within Tropical Peony contains high levels of antioxidants, anti aging properties and helps to maintain youthful and healthy skin. White tea may also help improve oral health, support cardiovascular health and boost the immune system. Regularly consuming white tea may also help protect the skin from bacteria and other germs whilst helping to protect the body from infection-causing bacteria.

Enhancing these benefits, rose petals are high in Vitamin C to support healthy skin, reduce acne and fight the signs of ageing such as sagging.

2. Reduce stress

Rose Petals may also assist in reducing stress and anxiety due to its calming properties and help by elevating mood. Similarly, pineapple not only delivers a tropical flavour but may also enhance your metabolism, reduce stress and inflammation and contribute to a positive mood change.

Together, the ingredients in Tavalon’s Great White deliver a tea that is irresistible in its fruity flavor whilst helping to keep skin youthful and body healthy.

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Taking herbal formulas in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle can be beneficial for one’s health and well-being.