Health Benefits: Lemon Green Tea

Lemon Green Tea


Green Tea and Lemongrass


China, Thailand.

Health Benefits:

1. Detoxifies 

Together, Green Tea and Lemongrass is the perfect combination of detox and energising tea. As a powerful antioxidant, green tea can help with overall health and wellbeing. Specifically, green tea may help with endurance, reduce muscle soreness, boost metabolic rate and help manage weight gain.

2. Boosts energy

Green tea also contains caffeine to boost energy levels and help you get ready for the day. On the other hand, lemongrass can help balance out internal systems, cleanse the body from toxins and waste, help reduce acne and oily skin and can aid in relaxation.

Lemongrass is also commonly used in aromatherapy due to its therapeutic effects on the mind and soul making Lemon Green the perfect cup of tea for your mind and body.

Expertly combining the detox properties of lemongrass with the antioxidants of green tea, Tavalon’s Lemon Green will help you start off your day full of energy.

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Taking herbal formulas in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle can be beneficial for one’s health and well-being.