Gravity Teapot



Make the perfect cup of tea without the hassle of plungers, paper filters, and clunky tea balls thanks to Tavalon's gravity teapot. This teapot uses direct immersion to create 2 full-flavoured teas cups.

To make tea, simply deposit loose tea leaves into the tea-maker and add hot water. After steeping for 3 to 5 minutes, tea's ready. Placing the tea maker on top of a mug triggers the gravity-flow filter, pouring tea into the cup while keeping leaves in the maker. When your cup's filled to the brim, just lift the brewer and the flow stops.

Made of Tritan, which is ECO Friendly, biodegradable, BPA-free, tough, light, clear, impact-resistant, and durable.

The capacity of the teapot is 500ml and the cup is 240ml.

Here is the video demonstrates how to disassemble and clean the Gravity Teapot.

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