Sunday High Tea at HOTA Gold Coast

HOTA's signature Palette Restaurant is launching Sunday High Tea with Tavalon Tea starting on Sunday, 10 October 2021.

Enjoy a Davidson Plum danish, smoked salmon sandwich, pumpkin spiced macarons, of course, Tavalon Tea, and add a Veuve Cliquot 🥂

This preset menu includes: Starter + Savoury + Sandwiches + Sweet and drinks.

  • Starter: Mulled wine fruit Scones, native berry jam, double cream
  • Savoury: Davidson Plum Danish Brick pasty cigars, liver parfait, port reduction
  • Sandwiches: MBS 9+ Brisket pastrami, rye, sauerkraut Blini, Smoked salmon, cream cheese, smoked salmon roe Boudin Noir and Sauternes macaron
  • Sweet: Miso and yuzu Swiss roll Smoked paperbark and wattle seed compressed choux Exploding Hendricks G&T Marshmallow, white chocolate, and lime biscuit Oloroso snickers Pumpkin spice macarons Pink champagne and berry gelee
  • Drinks: Tavalon Tea and add a Veuve Cliquot

Check out the full menu and book a table here.

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