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Article: Serving Great Tea at Cafés & Spas: Key Considerations for Success

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Serving Great Tea at Cafés & Spas: Key Considerations for Success

When it comes to preparing and serving great tea at cafés and spas, or other tea places, several factors should be taken into consideration.

Did you know that a significant portion of consumers believe that the quality of tea in cafés and spas is not superior to what they can make at home? According to research conducted by BRITA UK, 46% of consumers feel this way, which means an excellent opportunity for tea establishments to enhance their tea offerings.

While taste plays a crucial role in choosing a café for coffee, the same is not true for tea, with nearly 3 in 10 consumers (29%) stating a preference for the taste of tea made at home. This presents a clear opportunity for cafés to improve their tea experience and attract tea drinkers into their establishment. Spas can also make their clients happier and turn them into repeat customers by elevating their tea menus and taking steps to enhance their offerings – from preparation to presentation.

Creating a Specialised Tea Menu

To cater to the evolving demands of tea enthusiasts, it is essential for cafés to develop specialised tea menus. Research shows that 30% of consumers seek specialist tea menus, indicating a desire for unique and diverse tea options beyond the usual offerings.

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Emphasising Ambience and Presentation

For 41% of consumers, the ambience of a venue is a key reason for purchasing tea outside the home. To set themselves apart, cafés and spas should focus on providing a distinctive and inviting atmosphere. As a matter of fact, one in five tea drinkers are looking for a point of difference in tea service, including options such as tea served in a teapot (51%), customisable brewing times (29%), and the use of Fairtrade or certified teas (26%). Additionally, having knowledgeable staff who can guide customers in selecting and brewing tea adds to the overall tea experience.

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Ensuring Water Quality

Serving quality tea requires the use of filtered water to eliminate impurities that can affect flavour and appearance. BRITA water filtration systems can effectively remove impurities like chlorine, lead, and limescale. By using filtered water, cafés and spas can enhance the full flavour and aroma of their teas, meeting the expectations of tea-savvy consumers.

Maintaining Equipment Efficiency

To consistently serve an excellent cup of tea, it is crucial for the staff to be knowledgeable in fixing and maintaining hot beverage equipment. Unfiltered water can lead to limescale build-up, affecting the performance of kettles and espresso machines. Employing BRITA filters can help prevent limescale from reaching the equipment, ensuring its longevity and optimal performance.

Cafés and spas have a significant opportunity to improve their tea offerings and attract tea enthusiasts who are seeking exceptional experiences outside the comfort of their homes. By creating specialised tea menus, emphasising ambience and presentation, ensuring water quality with filtration systems such as BRITA, and maintaining equipment efficiency, cafés and spas can elevate their tea experience, setting themselves apart and delighting tea-loving customers.

Serving Premium, Gourmet Teas at Your Café or Spa

In addition to all the guidelines outlined above, it’s paramount that you employ premium tea blends at your café or spa. Obviously, tea is the main ingredient and other factors involved in serving great tea come second to tea. Furthermore, you and your staff will need in-depth knowledge of the best ways to steep different types of tea.

Serve Tavalon Tea at Your Café or Spa

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At Tavalon Tea, we are passionate about sourcing the highest quality, sustainably farmed tea ingredients with unique and distinct flavours. Our dedicated tea sommelier travels the globe to build relationships with tea growers and ensure the well-being of our producers and their communities, resulting in high-quality tea for our consumers.

Our hand-selected and blended loose leaf teas are carefully curated to cater to local palates, using only premium whole leaves for an exceptional taste and unmatched quality. Through extensive testing and evaluation, we release only the finest blends, scoring 8 out of 10 or higher, guaranteeing consistent excellence and unbeatable taste and quality.

With our diverse range of distinct tea blends, crafted from the finest single origins, your café or spa can provide a remarkable tea experience. Whether your customers prefer bold or delicate flavours, our teas cater to different brewing preferences, whether enjoyed with or without milk.

By incorporating Tavalon Tea into your establishment, you will delight your customers with the unparalleled taste and enticing aroma of our handcrafted blends, and create a memorable tea-drinking journey that keeps them coming back for more.

For more information, please visit our wholesale page.

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