Introducing All New Gravity Teapot

We have developed a new version of Gravity Teapot based on the feedback we received over the past years.

Now it's all clear and made of Made of ultra clear Tritan™, which is ECO Friendly, biodegradable, BPA-free, tough, light, clear, impact-resistant, and durable.

The mesh filter is made of stainless steel.

The capacity of the teapot is 500ml.

You can buy one here.

How to use the Gravity Teapot for loose tea:
1. Put the loose tea in the Gravity Teapot.
2. Slowly pour hot water into the Gravity Teapot, and close the lid.
3. If the tea has steeped sufficiently, place the Gravity Teapot on the
glass or cup, and it fills your cup within seconds.
4. By lifting the Gravity Teapot the flow stops immediately.

Quality, safety and cleaning:
1. The Gravity Teapot is made of food-safe material and tested (BPA free)
2. Never touch the underside of Gravity Teapot during brewing tea
3. We recommend the Gravity Teapot to wash off by hand

Here is the video demonstrates how to disassemble and clean the Gravity Teapot.

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