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Article: Introducing Tavalon's All New Gravity Teapot

Gravity Teapot & Clear Cup and Saucer | Tavalon Tea Australia & New Zealand

Introducing Tavalon's All New Gravity Teapot

We have developed a new version of Gravity Teapot based on the feedback we received over the past years.

Now it's all clear and made of made of ultra clear Tritan™, which is ECO Friendly, biodegradable, BPA-free, tough, light, clear, impact-resistant, and durable.

The mesh filter is made of stainless steel.

The capacity of the teapot is 500ml.

You can buy one here.

Gravity Teapot Flows

Elevate Your Tea Experience with Tavalon’s Gravity Teapot

In the world of true tea lovers, brewing the perfect cup of tea is both an intricate art and a cherished tradition. Tavalon Gravity Teapot – an exceptional patented innovation – features a modern and sleek design, together with ultimate functionality, revolutionising the way we steep and savour our favourite loose leaf teas

Let’s delve into the intricate workings of the Tavalon Gravity Teapot, explore its incredible benefits, and guide you through the simple steps to disassemble and clean it, ensuring a long-lasting, exquisite experience for all tea aficionados.

It’s time to embark on a remarkable journey of tea exploration like never before!

How Does the Tavalon Gravity Teapot Work?

The Tavalon Gravity Teapot features an innovative gravity-infusion system that takes tea brewing to new heights. The teapot’s design allows the separation of the tea leaves from the brewed beverage, ensuring maximum steeping and bringing out the optimum flavours. 

As hot water is poured into the Gravity Teapot, it gracefully cascades over the tea leaves, initiating the infusion. After 3-5 minutes – depending on the tea type and your preferred steeping time, place the teapot on your favourite mug. The gravity-flow filter is triggered and the tea leaves remain behind in the teapot. And finally, the perfectly brewed tea will effortlessly flow to your mug, delivering a seamless, hassle-free pour.

Benefits of the Tavalon Gravity Teapot

The Gravity Teapot is unlike traditional, classic tea brewing tools and offers several advantages:

Optimum, Pure Flavour Extraction 

The gravity-infusion system of the Tavalon teapot optimises the extraction of flavours, which brings about a more robust and aromatic cup of tea (your preferred steeping time will affect the final taste and aroma). The whole process and the resulting brewed tea ensures that every sip is a delightful experience.

Convenient Tea Brewing Experience 

With its intuitive design, the Gravity Teapot simplifies the whole tea brewing process. No more fumbling with strainers, filters, timers and no more having to cope with clunky tea balls – just pour, let steep and enjoy. Its effortless pouring mechanism makes it a joy to use, even for beginners.

Controlled Steeping

Time to bid farewell to bitter or over-steeped tea. Tavalon’s Gravity Teapot allows full control over steeping times, allowing you to achieve consistent quality with every brew. Try different tea varieties and find your perfect steeping balance.

Easy-to-Use and Clean 

The teapot's disassemblable parts make cleaning it a breeze. Simply separate the different parts, remove the stainless-steel filter, and rinse it under running water to remove any residual tea leaves. Cleaning the teapot and its components is quick and easy, ensuring maximum hygiene and long-term functionality.

How to Use the Gravity Teapot for Different Loose Leaf Teas

1. Put your favourite loose leaf tea – no matter the type – in the Gravity Teapot.

2. Slowly pour hot water into the Gravity Teapot, and close the lid.

3. If the tea has steeped sufficiently, place the Gravity Teapot on the glass or cup, and it fills it up within seconds.

4. By lifting the Gravity Teapot, the flow stops immediately. 

How to Disassemble & Clean the Gravity Teapot

Proper maintenance is vital to preserve the functionality and longevity of your Tavalon Gravity Teapot. Follow these step-by-step guide or watch the video below to disassemble and clean your teapot properly:

1. Gently lift the top/lid.

2. Pull out the stainless steel tea strainer.

3. Push out the bottom part.

4. Take off the silicone piece at the bottom of the teapot.

5. Once all parts are disassembled, wash the teapot and its components under running water with a mild detergent. Make sure to rinse the filter and remove any trapped tea leaves.

6. Reassemble the parts and get ready for a new, fresh brew!

Make sure to clean your Gravity Teapot preferably after each use to prevent any flavour contamination and maintain its pristine condition. With proper use and care, your teapot will continue to deliver exceptional tea experiences for a long time.

Quality, Safety and Cleaning

1. The teapot is made of food-safe materials and tested (BPA free).

2. Never touch the teapot's underside during tea brewing.

3. We recommend washing the teapot by hand.

FAQs about Tavalon’s Gravity Teapot

1. What is the capacity of the teapot?

 500ml. It uses direct immersion to create 2 full cups of tea.

2. Is the Tavalon Gravity Teapot easy to clean and maintain?

Yes, indeed! It is designed with easy cleaning in mind. Its disassemblable parts make cleaning a breeze. Simply separate the components, rinse them with water, and gently scrub if needed.

3. Can I use the teapot for brewing single cups of tea?

Absolutely! You can pour your desired amount of hot water into the teapot and brew as much as necessary.

4. Does the teapot come with any additional accessories?

The Gravity Teapot is sold both as a standalone item and with matching sets of clear cup and saucer. So, you can order the item as a single product, with one set of clear cup and saucer or two sets of clear cup and saucer.

5. Is the teapot made from safe and durable materials?

Yes! It is made using high-quality materials that prioritise both safety and durability. The teapot is typically made from BPA-free, ECO-friendly, biodegradable ultra clear Tritan™ plastic with glass-like clarity, which is known for its heat resistance and ability to withstand temperature fluctuations. In addition, the stainless-steel mesh filter ensures that no unwanted particles enter your tea. The Gravity Teapot's design allows for long-lasting use, making it a reliable and safe tea brewing tool.

The Tavalon Gravity Teapot is a true game-changer for tea lovers seeking to brew tea like a pro in a hassle-free and fun way. Its gravity-flow filter system, precise control over steeping time, and effortless pouring redefine the art of steeping loose leaf teas. Experience enhanced flavours and convenience and indulge in the perfect cup of tea, sip after sip. 

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