Health Benefits: Indian Mint Tea

Indian Mint Tea


Black Tea and Peppermint


India, Germany

Health Benefits:

1. Relieves stress

The combination of black tea and peppermint found in Tavalon’s Indian Mint is sure to leave you feeling lighter, healthier and minty fresh. Black tea is high in tannins that have a positive and relaxing effect on the digestive system to help put a spring back in your step. These tannins also assist the body’s immune system and contribute to the characteristic taste of black tea.

2. Alertness

Another defining feature of black tea is the increased level of caffeine to boost vitality. Some studies suggest that regularly consuming black tea can also support heart health, reduce high blood pressure and relieve the symptoms of asthma by helping to expand the airway.  

3. Helps you feel great

On the other hand, the regular consumption of peppermint can help reduce nausea and vomiting and reduce bloating to get you back on the move. The main component of Peppermint, menthol, is also great for reducing stress whilst its anti-inflammatory nature can help reduce blood pressure and body temperature. Together, black tea and peppermint tea are the perfect combinations to help you feel brighter and bubbly whilst internally balancing your systems.

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Taking herbal formulas in conjunction with a healthy diet and lifestyle can be beneficial for one’s health and well-being.