Frogs Love Tea Too?

Rooibos tea has been revered for its many health benefits for hundreds of years. This is mainly due to the beneficial flavonoid quercetin.

If you think only humans can enjoy the benefits attributed to this fabulous flavonoid, this is one you need to know. 

According to an BBC article, experts from the Slimbridge Wetland Centre in Gloucestershire, UK use this brew to rear yellow-banded and green-banded poison dart frog tadpoles.

These froggy babes seem to go loco for their tea. Not only because it is caffeine-free (too many stimulants is not good for their little amphibian hearts), but it is actually healthier than raising them in water.

Why so, when they are supposed to live in water? This is because, unlike water (which attracts all kinds of germs, bugs and other nasties), the surface of the herbal tea remains fungus-free, which is, of course, thanks to quercetin and other antioxidants.

It is relatively very important to find the absolute best way to keep them alive.  Deforestation, introduced species and a fungus which kills amphibians these days, and poison dart frogs are one of the listed endangered species.

Who knew those little frogs had such good taste for great tea?

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