A Modern Twist on the Ancient Medicinal Drink of Turmeric Milk

Turmeric Milk, or Golden Milk as it’s popularly known in western cultures, is a traditional Indian drink boasting many health benefits.

It has been a popular staple in many South Asian homes for centuries. Modern scientists and medical experts have since long confirmed that turmeric milk has, indeed, several health benefits.

It’s front-loaded with antioxidants and can help fight against cellular damage and reduce inflammation and pain in the joints. It can play an instrumental part in improving brain function and may help with better memory. There is also strong evidence suggesting turmeric milk may protect against heart diseases and help lower blood sugar. In addition to all this, turmeric milk may also help maintain hormones in females and help them regulate their periods.

With such a vast array of health benefits, it makes you wonder why more people do not have it. The reason is simple. Turmeric milk, as it is traditionally prepared, can be too harsh for some tastes. Some people often find it difficult to keep it down.

This is precisely why we set upon coming up with a turmeric drink that only has all the benefits of the classic turmeric milk but is also a straight-up joy to drink.

After months of experimenting and testing, Turmeric Latte Mix was born. We’ve taken an old Indian classic and turned it into a delicious and modern hot beverage.

And how did we do that?

We took the purest form of turmeric and layered it with other aromatic ingredients such as star anise, ginger, and cinnamon. A little black pepper and cayenne pepper add a dash of spiciness to the flavour, whereas a pinch of panela sugar sweetens the whole blend. All of this is done on a base of coconut milk powder for that added hint of flavour.

The result is a one-of-a-kind turmeric milk mix. You can now enjoy all the fantastic benefits of the classic turmeric drink but with a delicious taste and with the creaminess and frothiness of a latte.

Is our Turmeric Latte Mix a work of art? Maybe. Maybe not. But it’s a fantastic health drink that will certainly help you in your pursuit of having a healthier body.

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