PAVINA Double Wall Tumbler 300ml with lid

$29.95 $34.95


Stay hydrated and nourished wherever you go, courtesy of the PAVINA tumbler cups with lid. This reusable travel cup is ideal for carrying a freshly made smoothie, yoghurt, granola, fruit, or a hot or cold drink, whether you're going to the office, school, travelling or simply enjoying a relaxing afternoon in the park.

This innovative snack cup offers the beauty and clarity of glass, without its fragility. Constructed from durable, BPA-free plastic, they're virtually unbreakable and safe for use by the entire family. Their double-wall construction keeps hot and cold food and drinks at their optimum temperature for longer, while the lid ensures the contents stay safe while on the move - just ensure they stay upright for safety.

With their curvaceous good looks and sustainable appeal, the PAVINA tumbler cups with lid are the perfect companion for your active lifestyle.

  • Set of two double wall tumblers with lid, perfect for enjoying a snack or drink on the move
  • Innovative double-wall construction made as a single piece to prevent leakage
  • Keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold for longer
  • Made from an extremely durable material that won't crack, shatter, break, and maintains its clarity through regular use
  • BPA-free material that's safe for all the family
  • Dishwasher safe

Wash in warm, soapy water before first use and dry thoroughly. For all subsequent uses, wash and dry by hand or pop in the dishwasher.

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