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All you true Tavalon fans out there know a lot of the history of the company already, but for those who don’t know, Tavalon was first known as a brick-and-mortar store on 14th St (right next to Union Square) in Manhattan. 

We served hot teas, iced teas, tea lattes, tea smoothies, tea mocktails, tea pastries and much more, we had DJs spinning at night and even the occasional break-dancing tea leaf.  Ah, it was fun times.  We were all quite sad when we had to make the decision to close our doors, but we all knew it was the right decision to make.  We decided to shift the focus over to our internet and wholesale, all the while growing our company internationally.

But, my dear readers, I am excited to announce that our days of existing behind the curtains have come to an end.  Last week our Korean division opened the Majestea Tavalon Tea Lounge in Seoul, and we couldn’t be more psyched!  Located in the Cheongdamneighborhood of Seoul, they are serving up not just the finest teas, but also tea cocktails (!) – they’re even cooking with tea!  And, if we needed to sweeten the deal, even more, there are still the trademark Tavalon DJs spinning!

So if you are in Seoul or are planning on being there soon, don’t miss this tea lover’s dream come true!

Here’s the details:

Address: Seoul Kangnamgu Dosandaero 327 SGF Cheongdam Tower #1, Penthouse (16th Floor) (Shake Shack is located on the 1st floor)
Valet Parking: A dedicated Valet Booth for Majestea Tea Lounge is available in the rear of the building.
Hours of Operation: Open Daily from 11am to Midnight.

See you there!

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