The Story of our Tea Master, Ashley Griffis

The Story of our Tea Master, Ashley Griffis

A cup of Tea is Like an Old friend and someone who is always happy to see me.

I am a Tea Master, a person who has dedicated my Life to brewing, educating and perpetually learning the art of Tea. My Journey with Tea started rather humbly and by accident when I was a Rebellious Teenager Growing up as a budding Musician in the Suburbs of Sydney Australia. My first memorable cup of tea was not one shared with my Mother or Grandmother, nor was it ceremonial by any instance but it was one that I can almost recall exactly what it tasted like.

I recall pouring the steaming boiled water over a Black tea Bag in a cup standing in my best friend’s kitchen after cricket practice one evening. I really had no idea what I was doing so I just followed his lead and added 2 sugars and drowned it in Milk. It was more milk than tea, but regardless it was the first steps taken down my path of tea.

I have now made countless Cups of tea for thousands of tea enthusiasts from all over our wonderful Planet. I have studied many different Tea ceremonies and enjoy performing these ritually on a daily basis.

I have knelt on floors of all types, dusty, marble, wooden, and even Boxing Rings performing Tea ceremonies with people from all walks of life. I am fortunate to have been trained by Tea Masters from China, Japan, Germany, Australia and America.

My Tea expertise was developed here in Australia during my time working with an amazing forward thinking privately owned company Founded by Maryanne Shearer. I looked up to Maryanne and to this day look to her as a Mentor and my Tea Hero.

I have enjoyed many aspects of the Tea industry here in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore and am thoroughly excited to be extending and continuing my Tea Journey with the Future of Tea which I believe it is Tavalon.

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