Tea Against Drugs

We have always known tea as a great fighter. It can fight aging, cancer or even as simple as thirst. But now, let's talk about something it can fight too: drugs.

How Does Tea Fight Drugs?

The researchers from the University of Western Australia Forensic and Analytical Chemistry Department discovered how to analyse a sample of tea, and how to trace it all the way back to where it came from. 

In fact, the technique is so advanced that if scientists can take a sample of, for example, Darjeeling tea, they can discover that it not only comes from the Darjeeling region of India but also that it comes from the Avongrove Estate.

Since the majority of drugs are obtained from plants in one way or another, it is clear how this same approach can be used to locate and shut down sources of illegal substances.  

So why tea, you may ask?  The answer is simple: it is easier (ahem, and more legal) to import than drugs.

While the war on drugs is complicated and somewhat ambiguous, this technique, known as geographical provenancing, could prove useful.

And all thanks to tea!

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