More on Tea Ice Cubes

We know that making tea into ice cubes can solve your tea dilemma of the sun melting your ice thereby diluting your tea.

We also know that ice cubes can enhance and re-invent your other favourite drinks to create something new.

I bet you will also like these different tea ice/beverage combinations with some pretty tasty results. Below are the biggest winners:

More on Ice Cubes Tea Recipe

Lemonade with Cool Mint Tea Cubes 

The subtle hint of peppermint makes a lemonade about 10 million times more refreshing. And, of course, it is always best that you make your lemonade from freshly squeezed lemons.  

Recommendation: Cool Mint Tea, Indian Mint Tea

Ginger Ale with Yerba Mate Cubes 

Ginger's spicy earthiness is really enhanced by the light tobacco flavour that Yerba Mate brings to the party. You should try this with a lemon-lime soda (I used the one that rhymes with “Slight”), and it's quite good!

Fruit Punch with Pure Green Tea Cubes  

Fruit punches usually have juices from different fruits, which can be good in some ways (around 5 to 9 pieces of fruit a day) but bad in others (has loads of sugar). But if you infuse some green tea into it, you can make it a bit healthier and very delicious! If you would like to be adventurous, try making your own fruit punch from fresh fruit!

Recommendation: Pure Green tea, Lemon Green tea, Summer Fruits tea

Next time you want to chillax with your favourite drink, try these – or try something new! There are so many flavour combinations imaginable with your favourite teas; the possibilities are endless!

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