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Another Reason Why Drink Tea

You must have been fully aware that smoking has been linked to many life-threatening diseases, which includes heart disease, cancer and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. 

Good thing, studies have found that tea can help protect the lungs of smokers. 

Aside from drinking tea, this tea-related article brings an additional piece of mind. A group of researchers have recently developed a cigarette filter made of tea. It aims to help treat cigarette addiction.

The Chinese Academy of Sciences' scientists believes that they have successfully identified an active ingredient in the tea filter, called theanine, that decreases nicotine addiction.

Participants’ average daily cigarette consumption decreased by about 43 per cent after using the tea-filtered cigarettes. Then 56.5 per cent after using the tea filters for 1 and 2 months, respectively. 

And best of all, the participants' average number of cigarettes consumed decreased from 24.5 per day to only about 3 per day at the end of 3 months of treatment!

Now, this is great news to have healthier lungs – all thanks to tea!

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